An Island Paradise Solar Story

What better way is there to imagine a serene tropical island than one which draws a good part of its power from nature itself, a lone paradise operating on the power of nature, self sustaining and non-poluting, now that is truly something worth having.

Group chairman of Virgin, Richard Branson has joined hands with the Ten Islands Renewable Challenge and is working to make his own slice of paradise, ‘Necker Island’ in the Caribbean Sea 75% functional on renewable energy sources, namely; solar and wind. This initiative will cut down Branson’s power bill by 40% which is quite a big slice considering that there is still a lot of room for the improvement of solar and wind energy generation and storage technology.

The project is handled by NRG Energy and they are working towards the system that will manage the island’s power requirements with wind, solar and diesel as the core fuel resources. Such systems contribute to the global rescue of Mother Nature’s health and reducing our dependence on fossil fuels is the move that will increase the longevity of our planet Earth which has already given us so much.

Via: Escape Magazine, Sri Lanka)