Introducing the world’s largest solar thermal power generation project; Ivanpah

The largest of its kind on Erath, this fantastic solar thermal power generation project is located in the Ivanpah Dry Lake or California. The project began generating and supplying California with clean energy on the 13th of February causing quite a surge in solar thermal power popularity and a general sense of good will towards a project which is actively aiding in the pollution reduction effort.

This gigantic project’s main eye catchers are its fields of state of the art high precision mirrors which reflect the ample sunlight every day at Ivanpah to three monolithic 450m tall towers (steam tower) which produce a total of 390 megawatts (MW) of clean energy generated by heating water in the mechanism within the steam tower; this amount of electrical energy can supply 140,000 homes in California and therefore avoid a stunning value of 400,000 metric tons of Carbon Dioxide per year which is the equivalent of eliminating 72,000 vehicles off the road.

The Ivanpah project accounts for 30% of the U.S.A’s solar thermal energy generated and is a true beacon of hope for a future free of the polluting and hazardous effects of power generated with fossil fuels.

(Source: NRG Energy, Inc)