Moon Shot’ call on clean energy

A group of scientists and economists is calling for the equivalent of the Apollo space programmer to produce cheap, clean energy,

Apollo engaged America’s best minds to put a man on the Moon in the Cold War.

The academics say a similar effort is needed to make renewables cheaper than coal within a decade is what they call the biggest scientific challenge of the century.

Such a project has been mooted in the past – but always failed.

Magellan super-scope gets green light for construction

Construction of the Giant Magellan Telescope has been given the go-ahead.

One of the largest optical observing systems ever conceived, the GMT will sit atop Cerro Las Campanas in Chile.

With its 24.5m-wide primary mirror system, astronomers should be able to see the first objects to emit light in the Universe, investigate dark energy and dark matter, and identify potentially habitable planets.

The GMT’s international partners have all approved the $50m assembly phase.

Contracts against this money can now be awarded to suppliers.

Introducing the world’s largest solar thermal power generation project; Ivanpah

The largest of its kind on Erath, this fantastic solar thermal power generation project is located in the Ivanpah Dry Lake or California. The project began generating and supplying California with clean energy on the 13th of February causing quite a surge in solar thermal power popularity and a general sense of good will towards a project which is actively aiding in the pollution reduction effort.

An Island Paradise Solar Story

What better way is there to imagine a serene tropical island than one which draws a good part of its power from nature itself, a lone paradise operating on the power of nature, self sustaining and non-poluting, now that is truly something worth having.

Access Solar Opens New State of the art Showroom

With the opening of the all new state of the art Access Solar Showroom and Preview Floor, Access Solar brings the intricacies and benefits of Solar Energy to a whole new level.

Bending light for a greater solar yield

New research at the Purdue University, Indiana has led to a viable means of using the internal structure of gem stones to amplify the efficiency of future solar cells by bending light; diffraction and reflection can increase the amount of energy harvested from the sun as current solar cells allow light to escape very easily, greatly reducing the use of solar technology as a capable source of energy versus current conventional energy generation methods like oil and gas which are both fast becoming limited.New research at the Purdue University, Indiana has led to a viable means of using the

New Material’s Solar Energy capabilities promise cheaper and more efficient solar tech applications.

A recent discovery at the Nanyang Technology University, Singapore predicts a future where Solar Energy materials of a certain kind have a higher efficiency rate and are produced at record lower costs plus a few other creative advantages.
A hybrid between organic and inorganic materials has led to the discovery of the solar retention and conversion potential of the substance Perovskite, capable of a solar efficiency rate of 15 to 20%; Perovskite solar materials have properties such as flexibility, allowances for thicker layers increasing power generation rates a

An Eco friendly building for Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources

The new building for the Ministry of Environment and Natural resources was designed with an eco friendly concept. The ministry as a responsible administration sets an example in protecting the environment and it’s much valued natural resources, in developing modern constructions.Access Lanka provided required products, services and consultation.