Project Gallery

Sri Lanka Institute of Nano Technology - 50kW

The installation of a 50kW Solar Power System at the Sri Lanka Institute of Nano Technology marks an important milestone for Sri Lanka's developing technological sector. With the installation of this 50kW Solar Power System we see a Renewable Energy Source join hands with Nano Technology; both diverse technologies with a bright future.

5kW Grid Connected System for Mr. Ferdinando's Residence

Positioned at the ideal height and facing the perfect direction this 5kW Solar Power System stands ready to soak up some solar energy and provide quite a bit of electrical energy at Mr. Ferdinando's Residence in Colombo.

2.64kW Grid Connected System for Mr. Asoka Ratwatte's Residence.

A 2.64kW Solar Power System was installed at Mr. Asoka Ratwatte's Residence in Peradeniya, Kandy. Observe the photo and see the ample amount of sunshine being soaked up by the installed solar cells. This energy; after conversion will provide the residence with free electrical energy for all appliances.